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Saurabh Joshi

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Worked at Innovatia India Pvt., Avaya. Experience with Avaya, Backbone, Connectivity. Went to Met's Institute Of Engineering

Grisel Vargas

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Once I first worked in a startup,I knew I wanted to be part of the exciting environment where a great company is being born [Fingers crossed for DV-Lottery2021]

Bonnie Landaverdy

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Brandy Forman

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Worked at Convergeone, Avaya. Experience with Avaya, Connectivity. Went to Regis University, Front Range Community College

Uthanda Raman Murugesan

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Experienced IT Professional with Major Concentration in Oracle, SAP, Hyperion Applications, certified Salesforce administrator and a continuous learner.


Software Engineer https://www.linkedin.com/in/jlarson/

Asira Lele

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Worked as third party vendor for Avaya, Inc as a Technical Writer. Previous work experience is with Barclays Bank, as a Business Analyst

Reagan Eve

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Worked at TD Canada Trust., RBC Royal Bank (Bahamas). Experience with IT and Financial Services industry. Went to University of Western Ontario.

le phuoc

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CÔNG TY CP XÂY DỰNG NỘI THẤT VISUN HOME Số 56 Đường số 18 Khu B, An Phú, Quận 2, Hồ Chí Minh otline: 0911545566 ( 24/7)

Sreeji Gopal

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Founder ScaleData • Worked at @IBM, @Verizon Wireless seasoned architect with strong business intelligence acumen to build NexGen analytical platform.

Daniel Kerns

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Experienced startup leader

Barbara J Davenport

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Worked at Avaya, Dimension Data. Experience with Avaya, Ant, Billing. Went to Ecpi University, Denmark Technical College
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Board members and advisors

A Father, Brother, Son and Husband. Student & Mentor. Coach & Player in IT&C APAC for 20+ years.

Former team

Tyler Walson

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Sang Hyoung Lee

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Priyadarshi Mohapatra

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Kapil Gupta

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Muzaffer Pasha

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Coleman Horne

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