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Breaking deaf/hearing barriers since age 5, now for 450M ppl as CEO @AVA. Forbes 30u30 & MIT Humanitarian of the Year. UC Berkeley & Ponts ParisTech grad.

Pieter Doevendans

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COO & Founder @Ava Accessibility. Co-Founder Kanga Kare. Msc Innovation Sciences @UCB-TU/e. Bsc Civil Eng @TU/e. Creative thinker - Hardware Builder - Hustler


Alexandre Hannebelle

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Master student on Applied Maths/ML at France's leading institute for advanced science studies. Specialisation in Machine Learning.

Daan Wynen

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Went to Universite de Grenoble-Alpes

Paul Mayolle

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Hank Wu

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I'm a current Northeastern undergrad looking to have an active role in a startup.

Stefanie Mason

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Cédric Rommel

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Adrien Doumergue

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Guillaume Soulié

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Jean-Benoît Malzac

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Product Manager with a real enthusiasm for helping to develop innovative products. Loves challenges & numbers.

Alexandre Bécourt

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Board members and advisors

@Invisible Technologies, Cheeky, Everest, Google, Oxford, Cornell.
Founder of @Boost VC Accelerator: We invest $500k into Founders Building Superpowers.
Founder @Shazam