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We're a small team spread between two cities (San Francisco, where our Product & Growth teams are, and Paris — for our AI team). We care about making the world a much more connected place, and we believe it's best done by a highly creative & driven group of humans working in concert to change the current status quo. We value potential as much as experience and empathy as much as authenticity. Our culture is always evolving though, and we believe new people can and should change how we operate and what we value. A few recurring themes: - Impact first. We care deeply about building AI technologies that make total accessibility possible while being economically sustainable, respectful of privacy, and beneficial to society. - Mountain movers. Our mission is a lofty one. It takes a lot of time, hard work, and perseverance to achieve any kind of meaningful impact. We're ready to persist with bold ideas to the very end. - 1 & 1 = 3. No matter where you are from, we know that together we're stronger. We strive to reach authentic and impeccable communication to get where we need to go. - Beyond our bubble. We make Ava for people outside the Silicon Valley bubble. We go beyond our own opinions and biases to listen to our users with deep empathy. - Growth-minded. There’s no model for what we’re building, because we’re trying something that’s never been done before. To stay on our toes, we're happy to commit to learning and growing every day, including when it's about giving each other authentic feedback.

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