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Live subtitles for any conversation. enjoy 24/7 access to conversations around you

Live subtitles for any conversation. enjoy 24/7 access to conversations around you

Every day, millions of people are excluded from conversations because they cannot hear what others say well. Ava provides a way for them to be fully included in the conversation. Our CEO Thibault grew up in a Deaf family and saw firsthand how the world was not accessible for them. Together with our CTO Skinner — deaf since age 2 — Thibault co-founded Ava to make live captioning of conversations as easy as turning on captions on TV.

Our small but fast-growing team has reinvented AI-based speech recognition technology to be in service of people who need it the most. We dream of a 24/7 accessible world, without any communication barrier.

In this pursuit, we're seeing how much communication skills are critical, yet very far from ideal, to unleash our collective potential. This is for us the last barrier to be lifted.

Our mobile app empowers individuals to see in close to realtime, who says what in the conversation. Ava swiftly pairs smartphones in a room and picks up all the audio from the conversation, to show a color-coded transcript of the speakers. At business meetings, family dinners, social gatherings, you simply launch the app, and Ava does the rest.

Our belief is that well-designed technology can help everyone communicate and connect better — much more effectively and authentically — so humanity can achieve the greatest things together.

We want to make the seemingly impossible equation of communication 1 + 1 = 3, work every time. In other words, make 1 & 1 = 3 a reality.

WSJ - "WSJDLive Audience Favorite"

TechCrunch - "Ava gives the deaf and hard-of-hearing a more present voice in group conversations"

Forbes - "How one startup figured out what could really help deaf people"

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Skinner Cheng

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CTO & Co-founder @Ava Accessibility . Computer Science @University of San Francisco . A knack for everything mobile. Android/iOS/Wearable/Embedded Systems.
Breaking deaf/hearing barriers since age 5, now for 450M ppl as CEO @AVA. Forbes 30u30 & MIT Humanitarian of the Year. UC Berkeley & Ponts ParisTech grad.

Pieter Doevendans

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COO & Founder @Ava Accessibility. Co-Founder Kanga Kare. Msc Innovation Sciences @UCB-TU/e. Bsc Civil Eng @TU/e. Creative thinker - Hardware Builder - Hustler
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