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Haaris Mian

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Hi there! I'm a cross-functional Engineer with experience as a Product Manager as well. In the evenings I spend time lecturing at the University of Waterloo.

Pei Huang

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Alexandra Romanet

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Ryan Furlong

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I am energized by using design to solve real world problems.I believe that good design is meaningful; it can inspire and delight.

Joshua Lee

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Currently working as a Product Designer at Auvenir.

Jillian Vardy

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UX/UI Designer with a background in Community Design and Urban Planning. I'm motivated by design that makes peoples' lives easier.

Louise McCulloch

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Hi! I'm Louise. I specialize in content strategy and content marketing. I also have practical knowledge of user experience design processes and methods.

Neeraj Sharma

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CMO/CPO @Auvenir. Advisor/Investor. President charitable foundation. Former investment banker. Dad/weekend QB.

Allicia Martin

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Works at @Auvenir • Studied at @Ryerson University @Dear Frankie

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Cherry Chau

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Nicholas Hawkes

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Danny J. Williams

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