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CEO at AutoVRse

Adarsh Muthappa

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Co-founder @AutoVRse.


CEO at AutoVRse

Sahil Singh

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Abhijith N B

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Went to PES Institute of Technology

Sumukh Atreya

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UCSC Master's in Computer Engineering; proficient in C/C++; strong grasp of CS fundamentals; ability to learn new languages and technologies quickly.

Abdur Rehman

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Manashi Dey

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Pankaj Panwar

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Innovator with deep knowledge in latest industry trends and advancements in VR and Gaming.

Divya Jain

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A graphics enthusiast and a game developer also have work experience in VR development.
Design Lead at autovrse

Angad Raghavan

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AutoVRse | VR AR | Gaming & 3D Product Experiences

Anuj Gupta

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Former team

Akash Jatangi

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Tanishk Kithannae

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