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The next industrial revolution should be for humans

The next industrial revolution should be for humans

Automation isn’t solved.

Even in factories, where automation is prolific, only one in ten automatable tasks is automated. The rest is done by people – sometimes in inhumane conditions, and often for minimum wage.

Our robot Eva and the revolutionary programming software, Choreograph, are going to redefine what it is to work, for everyone. The challenges awaiting us are unique. They loom large in difficulty and impact, and even big tech companies don’t dare to take them on.

For us to succeed, we need a team dedicated to solving these problems. We want radical people with wisdom from multifarious backgrounds.

Join us in building this future. We’ll have a lot of fun along the way.

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cofounder @Automata, working to democratize robotics, previously Lead Designer @ Zaha Hadid Architects & course tutor @ Architectural Association