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HealthTech Data AI Public Service

HealthTech Data AI Public Service

Improving health through technology powered by data science & AI We're a HealthTechAI startup based out of USA with the goal of making health care smart and fair. Our focus is to streamline existing delivery & access by empowering providers and making patients better informed. We are working to improvise norms through the technology. We're prototyping out products in Emerging markets (primarily BRICS) in close collaboration with Pharmaceuticals and Hospitals. We're a for-profit venture with aim to create higher social impact. If you're a health care provider or a non-profit, who cares to improve health care and open to collaborate, please reach out. We would love to collaborate to help us integrate global health care experience.

FS Engineer / Developer - Java / MySQL

Mobile App Developer - IOS

UX Developer

Junior Project Manager

Entrepreneur | Technologist | Strategist | Data & Analytics | Mentor | Investor