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Unlimited memories, from phone to frame.



Co-founder of @altavistaschool. Formerly, Chief Scientist @Twitter, co-founder of Summize, Chief Architect @AOL.
father, engineer, ex-twitter, summize co-founder, ex-researcher of search


Christine Zalocha

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VP of Marketing

Tim J.K. Strickland

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Web Developer

James Tomson

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scott chapps

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Scott Chapps

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Allie Welch

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Mobile and Web developer at MediaFire. Computer engineering degree from Texas A&M.

Ben Cherry

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Director of Engineeering at Aura Frames

Alice Urmey

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Head of Community & CX @Aura Frames

Alek Kolcz

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Neil Bhakta

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Mobile Developer

Scott Milstein

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Working at @pushd, Formerly SVP of Product Dev @Villency Design Group • Co-Founder of Sourcery • Direction of China Operations @ Youthstream Media Network

Matt Sanford

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Worked at @Summize and later @Twitter, where I worked from engineering to all things international. Now at @Aura Frames do what I can to delight and amaze.

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Kevin Thau

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General Partner @Spark Capital, VP at Twitter, Mobile guy @Openwave

Former team

Tyler Howarth

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Ian Ownbey

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