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Strong Product Authentication for Physical Goods

Software Engineer

$90k – $120k • 0.25% – 2.0%
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Hi all! We're a funded startup working to fight counterfeit by authenticating physical goods. We want to help consumers make sure stuff they buy is real.

We're very small--only 4 of us for now--so the role has potential to earn a significant equity stake in the company, and you will be instrumental in designing system architecture and developing our company culture.

For now, we’re mostly a python shop, but the nature of our product makes our tech stack unique and complicated for such a small team. We have a web presence, a physical device, an iOS app, a camera, etc. Our early hires will need to be very flexible, comfortable jumping into problems they don't know how to solve, and have lots of back end experience.

If some of the following problems sound interesting to you, give us a shout:

-Secure deployment of physical devices in low-trust environment overseas.

-100% uptime in factory settings

-Ensure correct NFC tag and product SKU pairing in a factory using machine vision.

-How best to let brands visualize, manage, and derive conclusions into the counterfeit and gray market landscape from large numbers of customer NFC authentication taps.

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Health insurance

We provide health insurance.

3% 401k contribution

We offer a 401k and put a contribution equal to 3% of your salary right into into your 401k.

Weekly team lunch

Once a week we have a team lunch covered by the company.

Bluebike and/or mbta pass

We have fully paid for Bluebike memberships. Take the T to work? We've got your pass covered.

Dog friendly office

The office we work out of is dog friendly, so if you've got one feel free to bring it in.

$1.5k budget for professional development

Have a class you want to take or a conference you want to attend? We'll cover up to $1,500 a year in professional development costs.

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Strong Product Authentication for Physical Goods

Aulera Authentication focuses on SaaS, Enterprise Software, Security, Supply Chain Management, and Brand Marketing. Their company has offices in Boston and Cambridge. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.aulera.com or find them on LinkedIn.