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Attilah is a simple, transparent platform for supplying wholesale cannabidiol to everyone

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Attilah's mission is to help companies win through customer experience, education and transparency. A leader in the cannabidiol industry, Attilah is growing quickly, with a global footprint that spans the US, the EU, Australia, Colombia, and South Africa. Here, we value people for each of the aspects that make them whole. We believe that people should not be defined only by a job title. We are each partners, parents, children, siblings, friends, and former classmates. We have different backgrounds and we celebrate different cultures. And, just like our product, we honor quality and education in each of the experiences that build our people.
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Sales Executive

Posted 6 months ago

We are looking for a Sales Executive to build out the Attilah team. You’ll be the first point of client contact, making you responsible for educating and evangelizing the Attilah brands.