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Atomian has built an unparalleled technology in the field of cognitive computing. We are delivering a cognitive brain that understands all data in an organization and is capable of answering any natural language question users may have. Atomian has good chances of going global, but we need your help. We are hiring great engineers that wish to lead the Atomian growth in a unique, exciting environment like the Barcelona area.
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Software engineer for Artificial Intelligence

We're looking to grow our engineering team to continue developing ground breaking cognitive products. We are working in the BI market for medium/large corporations and also the Healthcare and Legaltech sectors.


Software engineer

Posted 7 months ago

Atomian is a technology company that develops disruptive software products based on cognitive computing (AI), wich empowers organizations with unprecedented data access tools through natural language.
At Atomian we are growing fast and we are hiring staff for our engineering team!