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A new approach to wearable technology in the fitness industry.

A new approach to wearable technology in the fitness industry.

"This fitness tracker puts everything else to shame" - FastCompany

Atlas Wristband is a next-level fitness tracker that automatically recognizes your activity, counts your reps, calculates your calories burned and evaluates your form in real-time. Atlas is focused on strength-training and generates actionable metrics that empower you to get in the best shape of your life.

Atlas will automatically log your workouts and counting reps is just the beginning. We'll track calories burned, heart rate and advanced metrics like velocity and form score. The Atlas method of data capture and analysis enables advanced metrics like stability, volume, power, efficiency and V02 Max, so look for these data points and more in future app releases.

Atlas takes the guesswork out of your gym work. No more wandering and wondering what to do next. Just load up a workout and follow the direction on your wrist.

Michael Kasparian

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Founder @Atlas Wearables • R&D Electrical Design Engineer at @Philips • BS in EE and MS in Comp Eng at @Boston University

Peter Li

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CEO of @Atlas Wearables. Fellow @Techstars. BS and MS in Biomedical Engineering and Tissue Engineering at @Johns Hopkins University. Does things, gets smarter.

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