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A Mindful conversation app powered by ethical AI

A Mindful conversation app powered by ethical AI

We are building a mindful conversation app that will become the FitBit of verbal communication. We are out to solve the problem of weakening communication skills between real people in the digital age. Worldwide, there is a slump in our attention span and social skills in general. Asya trains users to be better conversationalists. Our vision is to change the way people talk to each other. A mindful conversation is one worth having: more aware, calm, brief and allows you to deliver your message clearly and create a real and lasting connection. Similar to how fitness trackers give you real-time feedback on your performance during and after a workout, Asya listens to your voice and provides analytics on the way you interact with others. You can monitor your listening skills, brevity of your speech, pace, pauses, and emotions in your voice in order to react and reach goals that you have set.

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Ariel Tabaks

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Hello. I work on technology products that give humans more power and intelligence in their everyday lives. I go by the rule of thumb — more words, less truth.
Founder asya.ai • Passioned about Artificial Intelligence fusion with Mindfulness. See my previous research, software & robots at http://yellowrobot.xyz