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We at aSweatLife believe that fitness can be the catalyst for living your best life. Over the past seven years we’ve built a 360 media platform that’s become a leader in the wellness space. With editorial content on aSweatLife.com, our podcast #WeGotGoals, live curated events and our turnkey on-demand platform, SweatWorking.

The dilemma: The future of fitness is digital, but many brick-and-mortar gyms and studios are being left behind. For the first time ever, Peloton reported more active users than Soul-Cycle in 2018. Similar to the disruption of e-commerce on brick-and-mortar retailers two decades ago, fitness & wellness players must innovate to stay in the game.

SweatWorking aims to be the Hulu for Wellness. We partner with gyms to produce and distribute guided video wellness programs for their members. We aid in the process via our in-house production expertise and custom web-based content management system. Each gym distributes their content through a custom-branded channel in our 5-star iOS and Android apps.
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Lead Software Engineer

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Our technology stack today optimizes for quick delivery of features, feature spec accuracy and cross platform parity. This is achieved by preferring developer-friendly tools like Ruby on Rails with GraphQL and React-Native, as well a balanced approach to testing, namely crit...