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Standardized OS and dev ecosystem for the Additive Manufacturing Industry.

Standardized OS and dev ecosystem for the Additive Manufacturing Industry.

14 3D Printer manufacturers contracted to embed AstroPrint software in their machines. These 14 manufacturers represent 20% of the global 3D Printing market.

We are doing for the 3D Printing industry what Microsoft did for the computer industry and what Android did for the phone industry. AstroPrint is a complete software platform and 3rd party app ecosystem that is compatible with 80% of desktop 3D Printers.

Printers that 4 years ago cost $5K now cost $500. Hardware has improved dramatically but software is still antiquated and highly complex.

AstroPrint licenses software to 3D printer manufacturers in the same way that Microsoft licenses Windows to computer manufacturers.This software makes any 3D printer easy to use, allowing manufacturers to sell to non-technical people.

The software also connects printers to the AstroPrint cloud where users can add functionality such as Remote Monitoring, Advanced Workflows, Networking, Multi Printer Management, and more.

Daniel Arroyo

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Founder & CTO @AstroPrint (Techstars '18) . @500 Startups, @Techstars alum. @Founder Institute graduate. Former developer evangelist @Nokia.

Joshua White

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Founder & CDO @AstroPrint (Techstars '18). @500 Startups Alum. Desktop 3D Printing expert.

Drew Taylor

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Founder @AstroPrint (Techstars '18) - Tech, Healthcare, Qi Gong, and Yoga. - A fan of Oxford commas. - Techstars '18, 500Strong '15 (B11)

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