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We make distraction-free writing tools.

Growth Hacker, Direct-To-Consumer Marketer

$50k – $75k • No equity
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Astrohaus was founded in 2014 in Detroit with the Kickstarter launch of the Freewrite smart typewriter, a distraction-free writing tool for modern authors. Raising over 200k in the first 20 hours, the campaign quickly surpassed its funding goal of $250k. Freewrite users, including many bestselling authors and celebrities, have thus far written over 65 million words on devices worldwide. In Oct 2018 we launched the Freewrite Traveler on Indiegogo raising over $700k.

Astrohaus’ model is to leverage crowdfunding to successfully launch unique and innovative tools for creatives. We love creating tools for writers and are looking to incrementally grow our customer base to new creatives with each new product launch.


Join our team of passionate creators as our first Growth Hacker. After building the Astrohaus and Freewrite brands in the writing community for the past 5 years, it’s time to bring on a person that can be 100% dedicated to taking us to new heights. We need you!

Your role would be to devour everything we know about our customers and market, find potential areas of growth and attack them with vigor. The goal is to grow awareness of Astrohaus products and ultimately drive product sales with as high a ROI as possible.

- 2 – 5 years’ experience growing direct-to-consumer brands
- Super knowledgeable about a wide variety of digital marketing subjects including SEO, PR, paid ads, analytics, etc.
- Regular consumer of marketing industry news including blogs, podcasts, etc.
- Experienced in hiring contractors on Upwork, Mechanical Turk, or similar for tasks
- Has opinions and is comfortable being challenged and backing them up
- Has enthusiasm for Astrohaus products and our mission
- Has some experience with crowdfunding
- Are personable and outgoing
- Excellent communicator
- Organized and hard-working
- Thrive in loosely structured organizations with a lot of freedom to make direct impact


We are a small team that is well-funded and fully autonomous. Nobody is telling us what to do. We put the art of making amazing products for our community above all else. There is nothing more rewarding than giving people high quality tools that bring them a little bit more joy to their craft. If that speaks to you, there is no better place than Astrohaus.