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Direct-to-consumer outdoor fashion for women

Direct-to-consumer outdoor fashion for women

Astrid Wild designs and produces functional and feminine clothing for women to express their true style in every aspect of their lives, including the outdoors. We sell our products direct to consumers through an online platform, creating a comprehensive digital connection to our customers, including high engagement and the ability to optimise our operations in a data-driven manner. Ultimately, we want to create a movement, inspiring women worldwide to live a happier and healthier life, outdoors.

Outdoor clothing brands are generally rather old (in a sample of 60 companies worldwide, the average age is 52 years), making them slow to adjust to today's digital world and consumer behaviour. In addition, a key aspect of the long heritage of outdoor clothing brands is the legacy of designing clothes with men's bodies and tastes in mind, and only adjusting them to fit women, a mentality that in the industry is referred to as “pink and shrink”
Co-founder and COO at Astrid Wild • M.Sc (Econ) • Worked at Danske Bank Corporate Finance and Nordea Markets

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