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Building next-generation internet satellites to get the world online


Our employees have a lot to say about what it's like to work here -- check out our five-star rating on Glassdoor: https://www.glassdoor.com/Overview/Working-at-Astranis-EI_IE1935038.11,19.htm.
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John Gedmark



Lead Recruiter at Astranis

Meghan Dow

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MBA candidate, MIT trained engineer. Formerly consulting @McKinsey & Company and engineering @Fitbit and @blueapron.

Christian Keil

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Getting the next four billion people online by building next-generation internet satellites @Astranis.

Cory Wiltshire

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Richard Walker

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Passionate about spacecraft, vehicle operations, and using data to make better decisions. Google, SpaceX, Planet, Zipline, and Astranis.

Kyle Joba-Woodruff

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Mechanical Engineer at Astranis

John Conafay

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Business Dev & Ops, Astranis

Steve Foreman

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Logic Designer at Astranis

Derek Guo

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Astranis. University of Michigan 2018

Rachel He

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Office Manager at Astranis

Miki Heller

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VP of Operations at Astranis. Formerly Design Lead at IDEO, Dir. of Strategy at Teach For America, MBA & MPP from Harvard, aerospace engineering from Cal Poly.

Baird Hendrix

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Worked at @SpaceX and now for @Astranis . Studied at @Ncsu . Electrical Engineer with experience in aerospace and power systems.

Han Zhang

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Roshena MacPherson

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Stanford Mechanical Engineering, research experience in fluids and optimal control, mechatronics experience
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