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Maria Scott

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Works at Rainforest QA. Previously worked at TransferWise. Helping people around the world from wherever I am in the world.

Samuel Rice

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Worked at Assurance

Ty Wolfe-Jones

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Experienced startup ops exec, advisor, and consultant. Assurance | Wrench | DoorDash | Uber

Horatiu Negutoiu

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Software Engineer, Lifelong Learner, Solution Provider

Aviana Polsky

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Studied neuroscience @MIT, Data Scientist

Kristen Thingvold

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Janet Jay

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Creative Problem Solver | innovationLeader

Anthony Rotoli

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Head of Talent at Assurance - an insurtech startup that is redefining the consumer insurance landscape. Formerly at @Karat and Microsoft.

Megan Johnson

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I’m a highly energized individual with an incredibly strong sense of ownership. I enjoy leveraging my abilities to solve business problems and make an impact.
I'm a startup and data enthusiast that enjoys growing teams. In my career I've worked on everything from OS's to cloud apps.

Chung Han

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Full-stack architect & engineer with cloud infrastructure expertise

Will Arora

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Former Amazon GM, technology innovator, business leader, currently VP Engineering at Assurance IQ transforming the insurance industry

Michael Westover

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Chief Information Officer Assurance

Nyan Gadepalli

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Studied Computer Science and Economics at Cornell University. Founded a company and served as its Chief Operating Officer for 4 years.

Justin Mcdonald

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Lead Developer at Assurance. Worked at MealSurfers, Nourish Apps, IO Industries. Studied BSc H.S. Bioinformatics at Western University.
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Serial entrepreneur with a former exit. Former CEO & Founder. Strong technical and business background