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Revolutionizing Efficient Smart/Edge Sensing

Revolutionizing Efficient Smart/Edge Sensing

Aspinity is delivering the necessary innovations for low power AI that will revolutionize edge sensing for large high-growth vertical markets including voice and industrial IoT. With its innovations in analog machine learning and signal processing, Aspinity’s RAMP IC enables 10X system power reduction and 100X data reduction for edge-based applications.

The novel semiconductor technology is a programmable holistic sensor solution capable of working with many sensor types in support of many applications via customizable software algorithms. The architecture integrates easily to identify critical events, conditions, and anomalies in raw analog sensor data, enabling the edge systems to operate more efficiently and process the most relevant data locally and securely.

Aspinity is the first-to-market and ahead of competition with 7 patents, hardware in silicon ready for deployment, interest and traction from large companies, and a strong partnership with Amazon established.
Founder of Aspinity, Inc. Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Tech

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