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Electric Generation and profit from the market

Electric Generation and profit from the market

I would like to ask for some help if you can or have the time necessary to help me start my business.

The Business itself is A greener and safer way of generation electric current.
The Business can provide a nice income, and having European funding can be more awesome.

In theory the green technology for renewable sources program, grants a 60% boost to your money, that leading to a nice bigger project.
Terms are strict, but the European funding grant a extra sum that it is not returnable. so in terms of efficiency you win from start 60%

In therms of income, a 1000000 sum invested can bring back the same amount in a period of 3-6 months. A big project in 3 and the small project in 6, reason : size matters
I have a machine design, a self autonomous machine that run without fuel.
I must patent ( brevet it) but I can tell a bit about the how things are in the itself design, this obvious with some disclosure agreement

Vice President of Non Profit Organization, Leader of Game Development.

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