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Tools to program living cells

Sr. Software Engineer

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Asimov programs living cells to unlock previously impossible biotechnologies. We are seeking a User Interface Engineer to build flexible abstractions and interfaces for our suite of software tools. Our goal is to accelerate the R&D lifecycle of synthetic biology, a goal only achievable if we’re able to transcend the canonical, poor user experiences pervasive in existing life science products. As an early stage startup this role will encompass the end to end research, design, build, test, and learn.

At Asimov, we care deeply about every engineer’s autonomy, emphasizing quality of analysis, design, and testing over arbitrary deadlines. We have built a cross-functional organization and believe strongly in cross pollination: taking time to learn from our peers.

As our user interface technical lead you will have the opportunity to:

* Build reactive, web-based navigation of our genetically-engineered product offerings including those for genetic circuit design, genetic parts catalog navigation, molecular debugging, and biophysical modeling
* Partner with machine learners to architect interfaces for intuitive interactions between humans and artificial intelligence systems
* Define the standards, processes and portfolio that will drive UI engineering and design growth over the coming years
* Create aesthetically striking and scientifically-accurate visualizations of engineered genetic and cellular systems for product pages, presentations, and blog posts

About you:
You are a highly skilled technical lead in front-end engineering with a few years of experience in industry or an extensive, public portfolio of work. You are familiar with the current Javascript landscape, including:

* A single-page application (SPA) framework such as React
* Package management tools such as npm or yarn
* Integration with REST and GraphQL APIs
* Testing frameworks and strategies
* Exposure to a back-end servers such as node.js

You are interested in design and able to bridge the gap between technical audiences and stunning visualizations. You are passionate about joining an early stage startup where autonomy, passion to learn and excitement to engineer biology take precedence over process and ego. If you have a background in genetics and cellular biology, great! If not, you have a strong passion to learn.

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Tools to program living cells

Asimov focuses on Machine Learning, Synthetic Biology, and Software Engineering. Their company has offices in Boston. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees. To date, Asimov has raised $4.7M of funding; their latest round was closed on December 2017.

You can view their website at http://www.asimov.io