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Ascent is India's fastest growing company in Pharmaceutical Supply-Chain sector

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We are a pharma supply chain company focused at automation and innovation in backend processes to improve accessibility and affordability of effective healthcare for all.

Ascent’s vision is to become the largest PAN India Pharmaceuticals Distribution Company, with the most progressive tech-enabled warehouses and fully digitized supply chain. In essence, becoming the ideal platform for B2B pharma exchange.

What is Ascent?
An organisation trying to consolidate an unorganized Pharma Distribution through: -Customer Delight
-Process Automation
-Operational Excellence
-State of the art Infrastructure
-Economies of Scale

Why are we doing this?
Ascent's inception took place with an idea of creating value within the pharmaceutical supply chain
Our mission is to add some harmony among all the chaos and ensure affordability of health care to all

What we do?
We aim to consolidate the fragmented pharma distribution business in India.
We also Provide turn-key solutions for large scale hospital pharmacy management
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Project Management – Web/Mobile Applications

• Working with key project stakeholders to formulate and communicate the business vision, to envision initial requirements, and to scope the project • Their fundamental goal is to get the project focused early by translating the initial high-level vision into something realistic • Liaising...