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Wendi Murdoch

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Co-Founder of @Artsy | Entrepreneur, Investor, Movie Producer and Art Collector
Founder and CEO of @Artsy. Princeton Computer Science.


Nicholas Sewitz

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Associate Director - Operations & Analytics

Artsy Recruitment

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Tim Kosters

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NYU Math & Econ grad
People operations experience in high-growth, fast-paced start-ups. Passionate about people development and the power of great communication.

Barry Hoggard

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software/art/culture, works at Artsy, art collection: https://www.hoggardwagner.org/

Anna Carey

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Currently Senior Communications Manager at Artsy. My areas of expertise include data storytelling, media strategy, and product communications.

Alexandra (Alex) Gilbert

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Ginji Wang

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Finance + Ops @Fi. Formerly Strategic Finance @Artsy, @JCREW

Wei Yao

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I enjoy making contributions to improve my team's performance and I am willing to go the extra mile to make sure my quality of work exceeds expectation.

Kate Balderston

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Focused on startup strategy, growth, and market development. The intersection of creativity and business is my sweet spot.

Mark Rosen

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Rebecca McGivney

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Research Assistant at Artsy. Gallery Manager at Ballroom Marfa.

Katherine O'Connor

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People Operations @Artsy. Passion for HR, organizational psychology, and organizational change strategies.
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Board members and advisors

Sky Dayton

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Founder: @EarthLink, Boingo; co-Founder: CSS, CloudKitchens, @eCompanies, Jamdat, @Business.com; board/investor: Age of Learning, Artsy, Diffbot, Joby, Ring

Former team

Sara Perle

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Katarina Batina

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Jesse Kedy

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Rachel G. Goss

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Christine Campbell

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