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Simplifying alternative investments for wealth platforms, fund managers, and investors



Tyler Ross

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Graduated 2015 in Applied Mathematics! I have experience and a passion drive to build usable front ends and rock solid backends for amazing services.

Victor Atteh

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University of Arizona CS degree, Front End Software Engineer at Artivest
NYU CS, worked at several startups and largest asset manager in the world, full stack developer - React, Django.

Akshay Mehra

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BD @ Artivest

James Harris

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Successfully scaled operational and marketing processes for FRIM-L (f.k.a. Luminous Capital). Currently working with Artivest on similar initiatives.

Julian Willis

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Worked at Artivest

Megan Gillin-Schwartz

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Worked at Artivest

Swan Chang

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Dan Tapiero

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Mimi Sheng

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Sunil Arora

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Tania Das

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Board members and advisors

Founder Marc Prosser

Ed Brandman

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Former team

Jeffrey Shek

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Richard Shen

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Piero Palevsky

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Frida Leibowitz

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Austin Green

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Jorgi McCarren

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