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On-demand artist development services for independent musicians

Social Media Marketing Internship with Artispreneur

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Attention To college freshmans and sophmores aspiring to go into the music industry.

Ever wondered what it would be like to work with an music artist for their campaign that would transcend their professional careers?
Ever wanted to develop a vast and robust list of clientele to work with and eventually represent, plan and manage their accounts?
At Artispreneur, we have an Social Media Marketer for College Credit for the opportunity to build , grow ,and develop a transcendent platform.
We are looking for dedicated artist development Social Media Marketers who got what it takes to build careers within the music industry.

We need them to manage every aspect for an artist careers from managing their daily tasks and schedules.
Updating their electronic presskits, sending emails on their behalfs to radio stations, blogs, playlists, venues , promoters and more.
As well as publishing their music in which will be distributed across many platforms.
This can take a form of individual projects (one EPK) or a long term artist partnerships.
You will get to learn the basics of the music industry from music publishing, branding and promotion.
You will be able to use your skills to take an artist's career to the next level.

Some of the Key Responsibilities include:

Building brand awareness
Attracting traction to the artists landing page amidst when content is dropped
Improving customer retention and engagement
Share influencer content to build a relationship
Engage on their social profiles
@mention them in your own posts
Reach out by email and other means asking them to share
Determine the Market Analytically to create trends on social medium

Skills needed include:

Organization and team management
Writing and editing
Networking skills
Customer service
Advertising expertise


Payment is structured as an independent contractor where the intern will receive 50% of net profit of artist's fees.
You will also receive college credit if duration of tasks are completed.

Chicago • New York City • New Jersey
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Visa sponsorship
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On-demand artist development services for independent musicians

Artispreneur focuses on Entertainment Industry and Independent Music. Their company has offices in Chicago and Iowa City. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.artispreneur.com

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