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Our mission is to empower Artists to develop and cultivate patronage without the need of gallery representation. Utilizing our technology/platform Artists can easily join forces with each other and/or curators to organize exhibitions/events without having to rely on getting accepted by galleries or established art fairs. Our vision is a connected global network of thriving local art scenes/communities.

We believe the current gallery centric distribution model of art is broken. Many galleries, especially in the mid-range, are struggling. Galleries in major cities face rising costs of real estate and increasing amount of art is sold through art fairs, which are expensive for galleries to attend. The current model is expensive to maintain and slowly crumbling under its own weight. As a result, it is increasingly more difficult to make a living as a working Artist. The current market structure appears to benefit a very small group of elite Artists and famous collectors leaving most of the art world behind. Artfare is a low-cost alternative to the gallery model and offers Artists the tools to be able to make their passion also their livelihood.
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Software Engineer

Lead Developer

Posted 11 months ago

Looking for an experienced web developer with broad experience in designing, building, and coding while optimizing for customer acquisition, mainly through FB/Instagram.

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