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Original, personalized art commissions

Original, personalized art commissions

Through ArtCorgi, anyone can easily commission affordable made-to-order art for business projects, gifts, wall art, book covers, mobile games, wedding portraits, and more.

By facilitating each commission through a customer service layer and selling its network of freelance artists' services through boutique storefronts (such as ArtCling.com, ArtforAuthors.com, Artsy.Cards, ArtDwelling.com, and EverAfterArt.com), ArtCorgi makes the process of buying a service online similar to the experience of buying a luxury product.

Want to be painted as a Storm Trooper? We can do that: artcorgi.com/blog/featured/howard-stormtrooper
Want to be immortalized riding a giant corgi into battle? We can do that, too: artcorgi.com/blog/featured/malcolm-collins-going-into-battle

The team's long-term vision is to expand its model to encompass all online services, selling them through targeted storefronts while maintaining a single organized backend of freelance talent.
Founder of @ArtCorgi, a site that makes it easy to commission original, personalized art from up-and-coming artists.
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