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ArtBrowser is a social discovery platform for art lovers

ArtBrowser is a social discovery platform for art lovers

Art is a pleasure.

A pleasure that should be "open to all".

No pretension, no patronisation, no barriers. Part of your world not a special world.

At home, on the train, at work, in the street not just behind museum and gallery walls.

Something that talks to you, to your mood, to the moment. Something that feeds your soul.

Which is why we are more than just another place to buy art. We are a place for you to browse the universe of art.

Create your profile with art you love. Share it. Talk about it with fellow art lovers. Find what they love.

Connect with the artists and galleries you are interested in.

Follow the latest exhibitions, hot topics, talented artists and inspiring pieces from collectors.

Receive suggestions from people like you - the real experts.

And if you do want to buy as a result, we offer a 0% commission model for artists, galleries and buyers...so another barrier removed!

There is a universe of art waiting to be discovered. Browse with us.

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