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Share experience with people nearby

Share experience with people nearby

ARoglyph offers a service that lets you share experiences with people nearby by leaving marks, visible to others within limited range and for certain time.

The service addresses wide range of people communication and interaction problems, especially in cities. In particular ARoglyph helps people who are not in the same regular communication group establish new contacts and connections. Youngsters and introverts get a handy way of expressing themselves and communicating with people nearby in an unobtrusive manner. Neighbors who are not acquainted with each other get a chance to know about offers and planned local events. Communities can use ARoglyph in touristic or infrastructure projects (eg. marking touristic places, transport stops).

Use of the service doesn't require previous contacts with other people - the mark is seen by anyone or chosen people within a specified range from the mark.

Monetization is planned via paid premium accounts and in-service electronic goods.

Maxim Ronshin

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Co-founder & CEO: @aroglyph, @LearnPeaks, @Maxim Ronshin. Idea & Investor & management: @Curating, @MobileSOP, @Sure, @Curating, @Cresotech, @Family Locator, GPSGRAD

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