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We believe software is the highest leverage way to improve humanity, so we’re building a platform to help software teams ship that software faster and more safely. We are looking for the right Director of Product Marketing to join our Marketing team at the company headquarters in San Mateo. Reporting to the VP of Marketing, you will work cross-functionally with the sales, product, engineering and customer success teams, as well as with the executive team directly. You will also engage directly with users and contributors in the community behind Spinnaker, the open source project we are contributing to and commercializing. This a mission-critical position that will have direct impact on the success of Armory and Spinnaker, helping to make Spinnaker the de facto standard for software delivery, and on the accelerating growth of Armory. If you are excited by the future we are creating, and you match up well with what we’re looking for below, let’s chat!

What you’ll do in this role:

  • Positioning and messaging: create and hone the messages that will communicate our value proposition and differentiate Spinnaker and Armory effectively. Develop and communicate persona descriptions and their needs. Ensure every prospect and customer touchpoint reinforces our brand proposition and drives more prospects from consideration to customer.
  • Target market segmentation: research, define, size and prioritize target markets. Identify ideal customer profiles and articulate key customer benefits, core value propositions, ROI metrics and success characteristics.
  • Product definition and validation: gather and quantify feedback from customers, the market, the industry and the competition to continuously guide our roadmap and confirm we’re blazing the best path. Partner with our Product team to craft the right product offerings to solve our customers’ needs.
  • Sales enablement: build compelling sales tools, collateral and training that enables our sellers to communicate our value, address objections and differentiate us from competitors.
  • Market intelligence: be the expert on Armory’s buyers in each segment, how they buy; and their buying criteria; use this knowledge to inform product development, marketing, and business development.
  • Pricing strategy: define, test and fine-tune our pricing to ensure we’re maximizing revenue while creating win-win relationships with happy customers.
  • Competitive analysis: identify our actual and potential competitors and evaluate their strategies. Assess their relative strengths and weaknesses and devise counter-strategies. Educate salespeople on competitive positioning strategies.
  • Communication: effectively evangelize Spinnaker and Armory success with key influencers in the press, analyst and industry communities to boost awareness and establish our thought leadership position.

What we'll provide:

  • An exciting, fast-paced startup where you can make an impact from day one
  • A company that makes decisions based on facts and data and where your work makes a difference
  • A small but experienced marketing team that welcomes the knowledge and experience you bring, values your contribution, and is ready to support you in every initiative
  • World-class enterprise customers that value the technology and trust it to deliver important results for them every day
  • A great leadership team that provides unmatched transparency into the business, values empathy and authenticity, and welcomes diverse ideas, a growth mindset and critical thinking

What you’ll bring:

  • You're a strategic thinker with 5-10 years of experience in a B2B product marketing role, ideally in the software development and delivery markets
  • You have experience with modern cloud infrastructure and DevOps solutions, and the challenges companies are facing as they move to public, private or hybrid clouds
  • You worked on commercializing open source projects and worked successfully with open source communities
  • You operate at a strategic level to define new market opportunities and assess product-market fit and also tactically to drive projects and deliverables to successful completion
  • You are a clear thinker and communicator with excellent written and oral communication skills
  • You have first-rate project management, teamwork, interpersonal and relationship management skills and are comfortable interacting at all levels of the organization and with customers, prospects, partners and influencers
  • You have the flexibility and resilience necessary to work in a fast-moving startup environment that is constantly experimenting with new approaches and new ways of working

Why join Armory:

  • We have real traction with some of the largest enterprises and technology companies using Spinnaker and Armory
  • We are solving the important problem of accelerating the delivery of software value, which we cover more in our manifesto at http://go.Armory.io/Manifesto
  • We have a unique and powerful company culture that’s redefining how people work, and which you can learn more about at http://go.Armory.io/Peek

Everyone at Armory works reasonable, flexible hours. We have a "Roundabout, not Stoplight" culture. We hire experts and give you the autonomy and support to do your best work. We push decision-making to the edges of our company and our managers are here to facilitate and unblock you, instead of telling you when you can (or can't!) stop/go/turn. Thriving at Armory requires individuals with a passion for leadership, who are self starting and driven to achieve the best outcomes. #DriversWanted!

We're a Series B startup backed by Insight, Y Combinator (W17), Bain Capital, Crosslink Capital, and Javelin Venture Partners based in San Mateo, Ca. We believe software is the highest leverage way to improve humanity. So we’re building a platform to help software teams ship better software, faster by commercializing Spinnaker (Netflix OSS), a next-gen immutable infrastructure CD platform that enables blue/green deploys, canaries & rollbacks.Our platform automates software delivery to make engineers happy and productive. This helps companies innovate faster, and win.

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We offer traditional and Roth 401(k) retirement savings plans:Take advantage of them! We also allow you to deduct funds directly from your payroll and put them into 529 college savings plans for your children.

We have a great compensation plan

We'll make you an offer that has both a cash and equity component. You can choose to maximize the cash, or maximize the equity.

We offer an unlimited discretionary time off policy

Take as much time off as you need to recharge. We’re focused on your output, not your time inputs.

We offer lunch every day and great snacks

Armory has an in-house chef, Jonathan, who makes delicious and healthy free lunches every day. He has owned multiple successful resturants and has a passion for food. Jonathan keeps it healthy and varied, and asks each tribal for their dietary and meal preferences. (Personal health hacking is one of DROdio’s passions.)

We believe in continuing education

Want to go back to school at some point to earn another degree? We want to support you. We’ll keep vesting your options while you’re back to school, so long as you return to Armory for a year to apply what you learned while in school. Knowledge is power! We’ll also send you to conferences to learn new skills. What would you like to be better at?

Compensation transparency

We believe strongly in equal comp between Tribe members at the same skill levels, regardless of gender. We publish the compensation bands for every role internally within the company. You can always be sure that you and your peers are being compensated fairly and equally.

We make travel fun

We pay for a companion ticket for any Armory travel. Bring your spouse or family and make a weekend of it! You can also have your partner/family stay in your Armory-expensed hotel room. we just ask that if you have to get an extra room for them, you cover that expense — this might also happen if we’re bunking together in one room.

Your work will have extreme relevance

You'll have the kind of impact people at larger companies can only dream of. You'll be building the technological and cultural foundation of our company with us.

Armory at a glance

Ship Better Software, Faster

Armory focuses on Enterprise Software, Internet Infrastructure, Developer Tools, and Cloud Infrastructure. Their company has offices in San Mateo. They have a mid-size team that's between 51-200 employees. To date, Armory has raised $38M of funding; their latest round was closed on July 2019.

You can view their website at http://armory.io or find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.