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Perks and benefits


We offer traditional and Roth 401(k) retirement savings plans:Take advantage of them! We also allow you to deduct funds directly from your payroll and put them into 529 college savings plans for your children.

We have a great compensation plan

We'll make you an offer that has both a cash and equity component. You can choose to maximize the cash, or maximize the equity.

We offer an unlimited discretionary time off policy

Take as much time off as you need to recharge. We’re focused on your output, not your time inputs.

We offer lunch every day and great snacks

Armory has an in-house chef, Jonathan, who makes delicious and healthy free lunches every day. He has owned multiple successful resturants and has a passion for food. Jonathan keeps it healthy and varied, and asks each tribal for their dietary and meal preferences. (Personal health hacking is one of DROdio’s passions.)

We believe in continuing education

Want to go back to school at some point to earn another degree? We want to support you. We’ll keep vesting your options while you’re back to school, so long as you return to Armory for a year to apply what you learned while in school. Knowledge is power! We’ll also send you to conferences to learn new skills. What would you like to be better at?

Compensation transparency

We believe strongly in equal comp between Tribe members at the same skill levels, regardless of gender. We publish the compensation bands for every role internally within the company. You can always be sure that you and your peers are being compensated fairly and equally.

We make travel fun

We pay for a companion ticket for any Armory travel. Bring your spouse or family and make a weekend of it! You can also have your partner/family stay in your Armory-expensed hotel room. we just ask that if you have to get an extra room for them, you cover that expense — this might also happen if we’re bunking together in one room.

Your work will have extreme relevance

You'll have the kind of impact people at larger companies can only dream of. You'll be building the technological and cultural foundation of our company with us.