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Tech, travel, food, fashion, people, dogs, finding customers on the internets, sun in Seattle.


Tristan Rees

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Head of Engineering at Armoire

Kayl Parker

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Laura Kipp

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Worked at armoire.style.

Katrina Taylor

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I'm an adventurous designer of digital experiences with a passion for innovation, creativity, and taking smart risks. Customer empathy is my super power!
Head of Product & Technology @armoire.style, a data-driven high-end wardrobe rental service. Prior leader @Expedia, @Clearwire, & consultant @Slalom

Lili Morton

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Highly motivated business professional with over 12 years of combined experience in business development, customer relations, and tech startups.

Emily Smith

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Jeff Topham

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Cynthia Houlton

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Digital Marketing Business Development Partnerships/Sales/Vendor Management Subscriptions/Marketplaces/eCommerce  

Miriam Subbiah

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I care about achieving sustainable business results by building creative solutions and empowering team action.

Cosmo Smith

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