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Bankrupting the Business Model of Fraud


I’m a software engineer at Arkose Labs in the Brisbane office and have been on the team for almost 2 years. We have a modern development team working in a fast-paced environment. It’s a great team to be a part of, the people are fun and experts at what they do. We have a great office with plenty of nerf guns. On Fridays, we (the whole office) stop at 2:00 pm to share an exciting thing we achieved in the week, and there is an opportunity to show off something you have worked on. We then have a few drinks and play some games, it’s a fun culture. What I like most is the learning culture. Arkose Labs really encourages you to develop your skills and provides you with the means to do so, whether it’s learning resources or something like helping you attended a conference you’re interested in. We also do lunch ’n’ learns, where one team member will give a short talk on whatever topic they want to share knowledge on, and Arkose Labs provides the pizza! We also have an office ‘book club’, where Arkose Labs will buy requested books for the office, where they can be for improving technical or soft skills While we already have a cool product, there are still plenty of interesting problems left to solve. We will always have to keep evolving as we come across new kinds of attacks and as we scale to serve in more places. As an Engineer, it’s enjoyable to be learning new technologies as we build out our solution. It’s very exciting to be in front of some of the most ‘high traffic’ sites in the world and to be solving major fraud problems for our clients. We are able to make digital spaces a better place for real users, and stop the fraudsters over-running the place!
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Brittany Creary
Software Engineer


Matthew Ford

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Founder of SwipeAds. Game and interactive entertainment designer and producer with 20+ years experience at companies such as Atari and Microsoft.

Kevin Gosschalk

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Founder and CEO of SwipeAds / FunCaptcha.


Mobile, application, and social networking security focus. Industry conference speaker, and security researcher. Business strategist and entrepreneur. MBA / MS.

Brittany Creary

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Software Engineer at Arkose Labs

Sean Ross

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UC Berkeley Mechanical Engineer BS, JustMilk Mechanical Engineering Consultant

Justin Schiefner

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A high energy and thoughtful People leader who can not only set the strategy but is also willing to roll up my sleeves and execute it.

Brendan Brummer

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VP Operations @ Arkose Labs | Board Advisor | Mentor & Investor

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Robert Hansen is the CTO of OutsideIntel, ex-VP of Labs at WhiteHat Securit and the former CEO of SecTheory & Falling Rock Networks. 20+ years of experience.

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