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UX/UI/Product Designer

$60k – $90k • 0.1% – 0.3%
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Arcturus is seeking a full time UX Designer with experience using 3D asset creation tools as we expand and grow our company with the launch of our flagship product, HoloSuite. It is the only capture agnostic volumetric video post production toolset on the market. The successful candidate will be joining a talented team responsible for the post production of Madonna’s holograms at the 2019 Billboard Awards, A Jester’s Tale Magic Leap experience that premiered at Sundance in 2019 and Hulu’s “Light as a Feather” marketing activation at VidCon 2019 among many other projects.

Our product, HoloSuite, is the first and currently only post production tool for Volumetric Video (think Creative Cloud for live-action Holograms). We are used in XR, film special effects, virtual production, broadcast, and volumetric displays. Our market is on fire right now, with more than 15 different capture technologies that all need our product.

We’re seeking someone with great illustrative, written, and verbal communication skills combined with technical know-how, process-oriented thinking and a first-principles approach to user-centric design.


* Working with the product and engineering teams, design workflows and UX interfaces for end users of our products
* Design and illustrate iconography and UI for our cutting edge tools
* Grow our product’s design identity
* Mock 3D interfaces and workflows
* Working with QA, run user testing on prototype designs
* Working with our pipeline technicians and engineers, create illustrations for user manuals and training materials


*Precise and personable written and verbal communication skills
*Excellent computer and software troubleshooting skills
*Knowledge of 3D art fundamentals

Special consideration given to those with understanding of:

* Immersive media: VR, AR
* Capture and scanning: 6DOF vs 3DOF, photogrammetry
* Post: Editing, Composing, Rotoscoping, matchmoving, matte and touchup painting
* IT: command line, render farms, cloud computing, computer networks, storage & data transfer, basic scripting
* Communications: project management, tracking, scheduling, bug reporting
* Experience with cutting edge hardware or technology development

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Technical Director of High Tech Gaming Startups. AR / VR. ArcturusXR Previously: Twisted Oak

Andy Stack

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Founder @Mozes, @DealMaven • Worked at @YouTube

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Experienced startup executive drives business operations and marketing teams with a focus on growth and bias toward action.
Creative Creative Officer at Arcturus