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This is a general outline of an individual that fits in well with our company culture and shared system of values. This isn’t meant to be a legalistic ‘cookie-cutter’ checklist but rather a description of the kind of person who would work well with our team and serve as a touchpoint for everyone’s goals and mission.

1. Excels in your craft: an excellent craftsperson, who demonstrates their intelligence via their creative activity.
Creative: someone who is obsessed with creating the best possible work for their community and themselves. The individual pursues the act of doing or creating moreso than that of gain or other temporary activities.
Motivated by others undertaking great creative work around you: An individual that is intrinsically motivated to be creative and continue in their pursuit of excellence in their craft when surrounded by a group of like-minded individuals that are equally as dedicated and insightful to the collaborative creative efforts the team undertakes
Lifelong learner: As a part of their craft or just in general for themselves, the individual is dedicated to the continuing pursuit of knowledge that may feed into the larger expression of their creative activity.
Athletic Imagination: Ability to pivot one’s creative vision in response to new information and realizations.
Finds Joy in Creation: A feeling of joy that originates in the creative act and reverberates throughout one’s work and across all interactions

2. Leads by example: An individual who leads from the front, and is always a consistently adequate communicator. They see leadership as part-ability, part-outgrowth of excellence in a craft, not unlike a medieval guild master, journeyperson, and apprentice (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guild#Organization).

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