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Senior Software Engineer

$90k – $130k • 0.2% – 0.4%
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ArcheMedX is looking for an experienced Software Engineer to join our team. We are a well-funded, revenue-producing, early stage startup with great product vision and a growing user base. Every team member has a meaningful stake in the success of the business and the direction of the product. If you are interested in taking on an impactful role building software that will transform the healthcare and life science industries and truly make people’s lives better, let's talk!

Please include your Github account, highlighting any work you are particularly proud of, as well as any blogs or other technical communities you contribute to, along with your resume.

The Role

Work directly with the CTO and engineering team to architect and build the next generation of our award-winning online learning and data analytics platform. We are already changing the lives of thousands of healthcare professionals and millions of patients, and we have the vision to revolutionize how people use digital technology to learn.

Our product is awesome, and working on it is a blast! React, Clojurescript, AWS Dynamo, Lambda, Redshift, Cognito, and Cloudfront. We have built a scalable platform that will be exciting to jump in and contribute to, and will provide you the opportunity to grow a valuable skillset. We have exciting features we know we want to build, and we learn more about how our customers want to use the product every day.

What You Bring

- You want to work on large-scale distributed systems using the best of the AWS server-less and cloud based toolset.

- Front-end, backend, data and reporting - you're ready to jump in and get stuff done on any part of the stack (it's OK if you have favorites though).

- You know databases of some or all flavors - relational, document, columnar - we use the right tool for the right job.

- Real world web development experience, and an understanding of how a well-designed web application fits together.

- Belief in flow, low-latency delivery of value, and a tight build/measure/learn dev cycle.

- You thrive in a fluid environment where we constantly reassess priorities but deliver product value without chaos and interruption.

- You speak REST/HTTP.

- (Bonus) You love functional languages like Clojure!

- (Bonus) You have real world experience with Data Warehouses, ETL pipelines, and reporting and insights solutions.

What We Believe In

- The magic of the two pizza team, and the ability of a small group of dedicated craftspeople to change the world.

- Software Development is a creative problem-solving process.

- Everyone should wear a lot of hats.

- Everyone has good ideas.

- We are all on the product team.

What We Offer

- The time and tools you need, and the freedom to advance in your craft.

- A collaborative, whiteboards-everywhere, fun workplace.

- A team of smart, like-minded, creative professionals who will constantly support and challenge you to build better solutions every day.

- A safe environment where every idea is heard, where mistakes are the way we learn, and where experimentation is the rhythm of our day.

- Trust that you know best how, when, and where you should work to achieve great results.

- The opportunity to ship code constantly.


- Live and work in beautiful Charlottesville, VA

- Cool office space on the downtown pedestrian mall

- Employee stock options

- Retirement plan

- Paid time off

- Generous employee health, dental, and vision benefits

- New Apple equipment

- Continuous opportunities for professional development, including a learning stipend to be spent at your discretion

- Bi-annual company wide outings

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