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Using Artificial intelligence to disrupt the water treatment industry

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Let us introduce ourselves. We are Aquablu, an innovation-driven Dutch company with an ambitious mission: Safe drinking water for everyone, everywhere! Not an easy task, we know, but it’s the challenge that thrives us forward. We don’t just have a mission, we have a product. A product carefully designed on Dutch soil, combining the old principle of water filtration with the most advanced forms of modern-day technology. Our systems have been shacking up the water industry at an enormous pace. With our young and dynamic team, we have been able to add over 10 countries and 3 new markets in the last year. Ready to disrupt the industry together with us?

Together this year, we have launched a great variety of innovations. Just to name a few:

• The Aquablu App
(Allowing customers to get real-life insight into their system)

• The Water ATM
(A water purifier combined with a payment system, empowering entrepreneurship in African countries)

• The Soft Shield
(A water softener that uses a revolutionary crystallisation technology to remove metals, bacteria and scale from the water)

Furthermore, we have been able to facilitate 10 schools in African countries with safe drinking water, requiring the kids to go to school to get water instead!