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Intelligence below the surface

Intelligence below the surface

Aquaai delivers Precision Fish Farming to the aquaculture industry by the use of AI, computer vision & robot fishlike platforms to gather vital marine data. We take current tools already in use, such as static cameras and sensors and put them onto our flexible, autonomous swimming fish platform for better data acquisition. We boost yield, save costs and keep our oceans healthy. Inspired by Mother Nature, we immerse with the natural habitat applying the excellence of biomimicry to create fishlike platforms, which are flexible, inexpensive, eco-friendly solutions that challenge traditional torpedo or box-shaped autonomous underwater vehicles.

We duplicate fin efficiency with a clean tech method. Our fish swim solo or in "schools", transmitting vital data via a localized network or Sat. We are an early warning system for farmers.

We offer a myriad of high impact use cases and revenue streams.

We are Prosocial Entrepreneurs striving for positive impact.

Doug Vargas

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Liane Thompson

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Founder Aquaai (CEO), New York Times executive, global reporter

Simeon Pieterkosky

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Background: sociobiology, zoology, etho robotics, animatronics and robotics. With 15 years of practical experience in the mechanical design space.


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Pre-Seed (Feb 2019)

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