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We focus on the who, not the how, and ask questions such as "what if this were easy?" We believe in nurturing mindsets, in entrepreneurial spirit, and in a wonderful future where humans and exponential technology co-exist and make one another better. Yes, the world is changing, faster than any of us can possibly imagine, and our challenge is to ensure we leave no one behind.

Right now, we’re looking to grow our team. We’re searching for several new members who will help us launch our AQ product so “we leave no one behind” in the biggest transformation ahead of us.

Mindsets We Live In
Invest & Grow: We invest time, money, and resources to discover new breakthroughs and build a bigger future for all.

Authentic Self: We have the courage to show up as our true selves, respect others, and celebrate each other’s uniqueness.

Mission-Driven: We give more to the world than we take, to build a better future and leave a positive legacy for all of humanity.

Curious & Always Learning: We pursue new knowledge, and we’re not afraid to unlearn old habits to unlock a better future.

Adaptable & Experimental: We commit to discovering new breakthroughs and taking risks. We fail fast and fail cheap, rebounding quickly, knowing we’re either winning or we’re learning.

Be A Hero: Our kind of hero is creating other heroes. We gain energy and confidence when we help others transform, manifest their true self, and improve.

Co-Elevate: We are committed to mutual gains. We only enter relationships that are a win-win-win where all parties grow, including the planet or species.

Pioneer The Path: We see opportunities when many see obstacles. We bravely open up new frontiers and view change as an integral, unavoidable, and exciting part of life.
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Digital Marketing Lead

Posted 1 month ago
  • £100/month remote working contribution
  • £25/month wellness contribution