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We operate like a well-organised sports team. We’ve built the tools, systems, and processes to work remotely without sacrificing who we are as social beings. With the nature of our work, we have intense sprints, but we never sacrifice the well-being of our humans. Flexible work hours and stipends for healthy activities and your remote experience empowers you to do (and enjoy) your best work, in balance with your social life. You’re welcome to join us at our headquarters for the day, work from your garden, sip away at the latest coffee fad at your local hipster cafe, or join an international coworking movement: whatever works best for you. With the right people in the right seats, each of us works in our unique ability 80% of the time. We know each other’s operating modes, instincts, and strengths, from proven data including Kolbe, AQteam, and Strengths Finder, and we communicate accordingly to create the least amount of friction and maximum joy in our interactions. We view obstacles as the raw material to achieve a goal and most people's work is project and goal-orientated. It’s not about avoiding getting it wrong, but bouncing back quickly if we do and seeing failure as a blessing that fuels the journey to success. We either succeed, or learn: both are wins. When a team member is going through a challenging time, we support them. The bonds we’ve developed go far past grabbing an artisanal beer on a Friday. If you visit a city, whether it’s Madrid, Toronto, Delhi, or Bournemouth, you’re likely to hang out with a team member who lives there. We get so close working together over the years that some of us even choose to vacation together. Virtual coffees, happy hours, Wisdom Wednesdays, and plant-based brunches are just a few ways we cultivate culture and create space to deepen our connections. Alongside our annual virtual client summit, one of the most anticipated events is our team workation. Twice a year we bring our significant others and travel with the team t

Perks and benefits

£100/month remote working stipend

£100 per month stipend to support your remote work set up

33 days holiday, including public holidays

33 days holiday, including public holidays

£25/month wellness stipend

£25 per month wellness stipend