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Transforming the way people and organisations adapt to change

Transforming the way people and organisations adapt to change

Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP):
To unlock the secrets of human adaptability, ensuring no-one is left behind in the fastest period of change in history. (Why)

Our Moonshot:
To open up the frontier of human adaptability, measuring and improving the AQ of 100M people by 2030.
Positively transforming the way humanity navigates significant and accelerating change. (How)

Our Focus:
Achieving THE globally recognized - ‘AQ Index’. Building a platform to enable AI driven AQ assessments and personalized coaching at speed and scale. (What)

Our Niche:
AI-powered adaptability assessments and coaching. (What)
Delivered through a unique conversational chatbot user experience. (How)
Building a worldwide movement for a ‘new operating system for change.’ A marketplace for continual growth and the global authority for AQ.

Welcome To The Future Of Work
It’s December 31, 2023, and AQai is unlocking the secrets of human adaptability, helping ensure no one is left behind in the fastest period of change in history. We’ve supported half a million individuals who experienced rapid change, whether through automation or unexpected events, and enabled them to navigate the uncertainty and positively transform their future. We drastically reduce the anxiety and stress related to uncertainty.

Thanks to AQai, personal coaching is no longer only a luxury for the elite; it’s available and accessible to all. Tens of thousands of companies that might have filed for bankruptcy have transformed into highly innovative, thriving organisations, powered by their highly adaptable workforce. At AQai we are inspired to help ensure no one gets left behind. Here’s how we do it...

Digital Marketing Lead

Ross Thornley

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Entrepreneur and 'AQ' Pioneer. Author of Moonshot Innovation & AQ Decoded. Opening up new frontiers in HrTech and EdTech.

Mike Raven

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15 Years of Innovation, Brand and Marketing with some of the worlds biggest brands, Founded Leaps Innovation and Adaptai.


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Pre-Seed (Oct 2019)


£100/month remote working stipend

33 days holiday, including public holidays

£25/month wellness stipend