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Data management and analytics for financial firms

Software Engineer

$70k – $85k • 0.1% – 1.5%
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You love coding and learning new tools and technologies. You’ve worked on programming projects in teams, either at work or school, and know your way around an IDE. You’re excited to work in a startup, where things are constantly moving and nothing is certain. You want to work on creating backend API code and frontend Javascript code, and don’t mind diving into CSS. You know what Git, you’re interested in the world of data, and you may even be curious about machine learning. You want to grow your skills and are looking for a cool company and product to help with that.


We’re creating a data management and analytics platform that makes it easy to source, centralize, and analyze data. We’re a hard-working, passionate, and experienced group of technology and finance professionals that believe data’s changing the world. We move quickly, make data-driven decisions, have built businesses in the past, and love a challenge. We’re excited by the positive momentum we’re seeing and want to create something that our users will love while building a company that we’re proud to work at.


Some great reasons to apply include:

- The opportunity to work with lots of different types of technologies to build a cool product
- The opportunity to learn more about software development, automated tests, continuous integration, and even some machine learning, all from former Twitter engineers
- The ability to start pushing code on day 1
- You’ll have exposure to the entire tech stack - backend, frontend, site reliability, monitoring and metrics, machine learning, data storage, etc.
- A great work environment and cool workspace in an accelerator in Midtown NYC


Ideally, you’ll have:

- Enthusiasm for working in a startup
- Some experience working on web apps in a team setting
- Some experience working with some standard tools like Git and the command line
- Experience working with (or willingness to learn) Python and React


Feel free to apply directly on AngelList, but we'd also love to hear about yourself in your own words, so it would be great if you sent a follow up email to us at jobs@apteo.co and tell us why you're interested in working at a startup


We’re located in Midtown Manhattan

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