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Used furniture marketplace without the hassle (YC W14)

Used furniture marketplace without the hassle (YC W14)

AptDeco is a peer-to-peer marketplace for buying and selling furniture (no warehousing). We offer a fully integrated e-commerce platform which facilitates payments and delivery for our buyers and sellers.

Sellers list in minutes and most sell in 10 days. Upon sale we pick up items and pay sellers via direct deposit. Buyers browse for furniture, pay with a card and have items delivered to their home. AptDeco’s technology matches buyers and sellers so we pick up and deliver items in the same day - no warehousing is necessary.

AptDeco is making the exchange of home décor easy for everyone and has become a leader in sustainability innovation. Similar to what Airbnb was able to achieve in the short-term rental space AptDeco is positioned to do the same in the furniture space. We are backed by the best investors in Silicon Valley and positioned to scale.

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Founder @AptDeco • VP @L'Oreal USA • Sales & Brand Marketing Executive • Studied at @Clark Atlanta University
Founder AptDeco. Strong engineering & business backgrounds (Electrical Engineering from UMD College Park, Wharton MBA, & ex-Goldman Sachs.)