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Explain AI Decisions

Explain AI Decisions

Apres is an analytics platform built to improve AI decision making. We integrate with your training data to provide a surrogate model that predicts, generates and explains AI decisions. This helps companies: Label Data - 10X more efficient labeling. Generate Decisions - 80% reduction in data processing. Explain Outcomes - Automated audit trail.

Lead Frontend Developer

Blake Aber

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data science / adtech / fintech / consulting / advisor

Rahul Kumar

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Co-Founder and Chief AI Scientist @Apres • Making AI explainable • Author of 2 Deep Learning books.
I'm a professional developer, problem solver, and team player. I've mastered full stack Javascript to be able to build products that people love.
Bringing ideas to life across various startups Co-Founder/CTO @Apres Platform Architect @HelloHome Co-Founder/CTO @RevShopp Co-Founder @Good&Co

Matt Waite

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Founder & CEO @Apres (Techstars Lisbon '20) • Previously Founder @Fluid Financial (Mucker Lab '15)