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Sales Development

$50k - $100k • 0.001% - 0.01%
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Sales development is the life blood of Apptimize. The CEO loves sales development and in the early days manually sent 500 emails per day. The sense of accomplishment when you go through the prospect responses, the rapid iteration through different combinations of target profiles and pitches- maybe we’re weird but we find it satisfying and fun. Business development is how we get our best customers.

This role is ideal for someone who wants to live at the the front line of our go to market strategy and figure out what works with what audience and what’s going to come up during the sales process. Business development representatives sit at the intersection of sales and marketing, requiring incredible operational rigor to make sure all parts of the team are learning and communicating together.

This role requires discipline, focus, persistence and creativity. Much experimentation and learning happens at the front line, and scalable experimentation requires the structure and discipline to get the correct data and spend the time to make sure the details are consistent. You will figure out how to automate and scale various aspects of the job as we learn and gain certainty about what works.

You have to be able to think strategically and be a strong, influential communicator while deeply empathetic to the audience’s goals. Based on the information you can glean about the customer’s real business priorities, you unearth their criteria and pains that determine the rest of our sales and marketing strategy. Based on the your ability to understand our value and our customers, you’ll show the market our roadmap and articulate the immediate and future value of not just our product but our company vision. You’ll have to think on your feet, ask the right questions, and figure out how to best map value propositions with different customer types.

We are seeking fast learners who can learn and grow at an accelerated rate and can take on rapidly increasing responsibility.