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Site reliability Engineer

$120k – $155k • 0.1% – 0.2%
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AppSheet is looking for an experienced developer to optimize and own our Site reliability effort. A qualified applicant would have a computer science degree and five years of experience working with server technology and data. Prior experience with devops and/or SRE roles, particularly on Microsoft Azure is very valuable. More experience would be great and will reflect in the equity comp.

AppSheet is the leading no-code app platform in the market. Over a period of more than 4 years, AppSheet has been a platform for more than 100,000 app creators to build apps. We have customers all around the world and deploy updates every day. This leads to unique challenges from a dev-ops perspective.

This is a great time to join AppSheet. We are seeing strong adoption and revenue growth. At the moment, we only have twenty employees including the founders. You would come in at an early stage with the opportunity to enjoy the growth of a startup and shape its future. If you like the technology space we are in (data/cloud/mobile) and believe in our vision (make it real simple to create a mobile app), then please do reach out and let's talk.

A clarifying note (out of respect your time and effort when applying for this position):
a) we do require a CS undergrad or grad degree as a pre-requisite for this position. Sessions at programs like CodeFellows, App Academy, Thinkful, General Assembly, etc are not sufficient.
b) you must already have work authorization for the US and be prepared to move to Portland or Seattle. We do not hire team members in remote locations, and we do not process new H1-B applications.

The position is available in Seattle, Washington.