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Performance management, reviews, one-to-ones, appraisals. They've historically been the domain of HR and boring HR databases. We're taking an employee-first approach. Everything we do is about how we can add value for the employee, not just for HR. This is a huge growth area. There is not a single organisation in the developed economies that would not benefit from a system like this. Only now are enterprises clocking on to the employee-first approach, and there are still huge areas for disruption. We have a great deal of experience both in technology and in HR and people management, which gives us a unique position to develop a successful tool. To date, the results have been excellent with hundreds of different organisations large and small around the world signing up to Appraisd. Watch this short intro from Roly Walter, Founder: photos.app.goo.gl/PCQbV592JfpZ7rLp6
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Front end developer, Vuejs

We are Appraisd, and we’ve built a fantastic tool used by 100’s of organisations to improve the way employees are managed, developed and engaged.

Although we’re a very small team, you could call us an established start up.