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What does People, Culture and Happiness mean at App Samurai? The People with the brightest and the most curious minds around the world, A Culture of engineering focused on real-time mobile marketing fraud prevention and, Happiness as in continuous learning, training, sharing and driving change towards new horizons. It all starts with a question. What do you want to build?
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Emre Tuncbilek
Head of People, Culture and Happiness


Entrepreneur / CEO at App Samurai/ Strong business development and management background.
Entrepreneur, COO @Appsamurai, @Intercptd, @FasterCapital @Growth Tower, @NETVENT #Acquisition #Engagement #Monetization

Selin Ezer

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    Emre Tuncbilek

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    Head of People and Culture at App Samurai and Interceptd

    Semih Kalvo

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    Robert College, Bocconi Uni(International Management), Etohum, cofounded Codfabrik(mobile development), Entrepreneur Search&Services Manager @Endeavor Turkey

    İslam Özbek

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    Olcay Ay

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    I'm a Full Stack Developer ( Android, Python/Django, Javascript/ReactJS ) and Startup Lover mainly focused on Mobile Apps.

    Irem Gürses

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    I am working corporate banking sector right now and I am open to new opportunities. I am interested in decision analysis and management science.

    Yusuf YILDIZ

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    Frontend Developer at App Samurai

    Yunus Taş

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    Metin Bilgin

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    Jr. Web Developer at App Samurai

    Mustafa Altintug

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    Bilkent University - IE , Entrepreneurship, Startup Lover , Sales Development Specialist @App Samurai

    Burak Dirin

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    Working as Senior Web Developer at @App Samurai

    Elif Çetin

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    Working as Digital Marketing Lead at @App Samurai

    Former team

    Tuna Dipçin

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    Arda Yuzbasioglu

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    Kutay Yalçınkaya

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